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Richard Nixon's Previously Undisclosed Acts of Random Kindness


From Linda S., Syracuse, New York -

When Richard Nixon was a young naval officer stationed in Iowa, he learned that eight-year-old son of a maintenance worker on the base would not be having a birthday party that year because the family could not afford it. Nixon announced that he would throw in fifteen dollars toward purchase of a birthday cake and party favors, inviting his colleagues to do likewise. Years later, the now grown-up boy remembered this as his happiest birthday party ever even though he had no recollection of Nixon himself.


From Thomas H., Bethesda, Maryland -

As a young Congressman, Richard Nixon used to spend hours in the public library on Saturdays in search of interesting reading materials. One afternoon, he struck up a conversation with an elderly African American woman who was looking for a particular book. The library staff either could not or would not help her find it. The young Congressman did a thorough search of the card catalog determining that the book was at another branch of the library. He then drove the elderly woman to that library where she was able to check the book out.


From Rachel B., San Diego, California -

Richard Nixon was sitting in the lobby of a hotel in San Bernardino prior to a speaking engagement. He spotted a young woman weeping quietly in a corner chair. Nixon went over to the woman and asked if he could help. It turned out that this woman had been accused of shoplifting and was scheduled to appear in court the following week. Nixon gave her his business card and wrote on the back the name of an attorney who did pro bono work. The woman later contacted this attorney and he was able to get her off with a suspended sentence.


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