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Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Dwight D. Eisenhower - three progressive Republicans who set an example of what a U.S. President can be. Don’t let this tradition die. “Two out of four on Mount Rushmore ain’t bad.”


It’s time to restore the proud, old “progressive” tradition within the Republican Party, reduce the partisan bickering in politics, and tackle the nation’s urgent problems from a position of knowledge and strength.

This web site is about building a political community. If you want to belong, please send your contact information by email. Regard this web site as a resource to help create a progressive Republican movement.


Some assumptions:

(1) We are not Democrats.

(2) We are not conservative Republicans.

(3) We are not persons merely opposed to these other groups but a political faction offering our own policies and proposals to help build a better society.

(4) Given big-media domination of U.S. politics, we will only succeed if we build our own grassroots organization that can communicate directly with its members.

(5) Since the big media will not cover certain issues fairly, the only way to achieve a clear and lasting victory is through electoral politics. Election results cannot be questioned. Previously marginalized persons and groups need to come together in a grassroots coalition capable of attracting support from a majority of voters.

(6) To build a grassroots movement, developing the right package of issues is paramount. A single issue, however compelling, will not be enough to win elections. There must be a package.

(7) Any package of policy proposals will have its detractors on some points while the same persons may support other points in the package. But never mind. The process has to start somewhere. The package of policy issues ultimately embraced by progressive Republicans will depend on opinions expressed and accepted after there is a movement large and strong enough to win elections. Please stay with us if you agree with the thrust of this effort.

(8) This website suggests a particular set of proposals. (link to issues) The criteria of inclusion are that the policies benefit the American people and (less stringently) that they be unlike what the Democrats and conservative Republicans have put forth and bear a general resemblance to what progressive Republicans have advocated in the past. The proposals take a clear stance on important issues of the day, even at the risk of being outside the mainstream of current political opinion.

(9) Progressive Republicans should be willing to talk sincerely with persons of any political persuasion. We should resist demonizing opponents. Our aim would be to find solutions to the nation’s problems, not put other people down.

(10) Even so, progressive Republicans should be willing to fight for their beliefs and not retreat from our positions in shame. Since many of us have been called “RINOs” (Republicans in name only) as a means of dismissing our views, we can fight back in the youthful and resilient spirit of “Ray the RINO”, seen at the bottom of this page. However, those of us who uphold the ideals of Lincoln, Eisenhower, and Theodore Roosevelt are not “RINOs” at all but, in fact, true standard bearers of the Republican Party.


Now, to get into the meat of what this web site is about, click on this link:

a proposed package of issues for progressive Republicans - Eighteen issues that include the following points of decision:

decision #1: for more international cooperation and less unilateral use of military force,
decision #2: for job creation through reduced work hours rather than government deficit spending,
decision #3: for tax increases targeted to the wealthy to keep the federal budget in balance,
decision #4: for the deficit problem to become a priority,
decision #5: against the dualistic world view of the Civil Rights movement which in its contemporary manifestation blames “racism” and “white society” for our common problems,
decision #6: for federal legislation to increase paid leave and maintain standards of humane treatment in the work place,
decision #7: for environmental protection and resource conservation as new economic imperatives,
decision #8: for a compromise policy on illegal immigration suspending deportations while requiring employers of such immigrants to pay a surtax to help cover the increased social costs,
decision #9: against the abusive use of building inspections by local governments,
decision #10: for a new, independent investigation into the events of 9/11,
decision #11: against political correctness and its violation of free speech,
decision #12: for ending the war on illegal drugs and funding more treatment programs,
decision #13: for a greater federal role in insuring or providing health-care services,
decision #14: for greater regulation of the financial-services industry,
decision #15: against free trade and for the use of tariffs to promote improved labor and environmental standards around the world,
decision #16: against the cruel deception of young people who are being urged to take out student loans to go to college and prepare, often, for nonexistent jobs,
decision #17: for a crash program to reduce traffic congestion in urban areas, and
decision #18: for a crash program to develop technologies that will help sustain human life in outer space.


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