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Issue #7 - the Environment

Hearkening back to Theodore Roosevelt and Gifford Pinchot, progressive Republicans should support environmental protection along with business development. Both are required in our day. Pinchot was much criticized in his day for allowing some commercial use of natural resources; yet, the human race does have need of such things. Environmental extremism is unrealistic.

A far greater threat, however, comes from those who promote continued exploitation of the earth’s resources with apparent disregard for the future. Yes, we are running out of clean water in many places. Yes, there is such a thing as Global Warming. We may have passed the point of Peak Oil. The world economy cannot continue to “grow” in the same wasteful way as in past years.

Conservative Republicans who become fiercely opposed to reasonable “conservation” measures are barking up the wrong tree. Maybe some are in the pockets of rich minerals extractors. Maybe some are catering to the shortsightedness of a certain segment of the population whose personal life style depends on flouting government regulation. Richard Nixon, on the other hand, established the Environmental Protection Agency.

So be it. We need some regard for the generations to come on this earth.


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