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Issue #12 - the war on illegal drugs

The comparison between Prohibition and the current war on illegal drugs is an apt one. To make a chemical substance illegal encourages crime. When Prohibition ended, so did the era of gangsters. The greatest step which could be taken today to control gang violence would be to legalize drugs.

There is a medical solution to drug addiction, just as there is a medical solution to alcoholism and to smoking addiction. “Big brother” government should not be tossing drug addicts or sellers into prison. It should instead provide resources to help drug addicts turn their lives around.

It may be that we continue to prosecute the war on drugs to preserve employment for police officers, lawyers, and corrections officials. A shorter workweek should take care of that. Let’s shift employment to more productive areas.

Prescription drugs, if abused, can be as dangerous as illegal drugs. However, the pharmaceutical industry has government officials in its pockets. There is gross hypocrisy in government’s drug policies. It’s all about money and power.


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