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Issue #11 - opposition to political correctness

The foundation of a free society is freedom of speech. We must remain free to criticize the government or criticize anyone else, for that matter. What a person says reflects on the person himself. Government should not try to referee speech.

Progressive Republicans should vigorously uphold the right of free speech. Free speech is guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution. It is the bedrock of freedom itself. No one needs to apologize for a sincerely expressed opinion. No one deserves to be fired. To insult someone is a social, not a legal, offense. However, it is incumbent upon ourselves to be respectful to all if we wish to create a better society.

Politically, it's good to have someone like Sarah Palin "going rogue" - saying whatever she pleases. She sets an example of freedom that is quite inspirational in a society given to political correctness. That does not mean that we have to agree with Sarah Palin's policies or ideas.

The concept of hate speech is a politically inspired attempt to restrict free speech to appeal to certain political constituencies. People have a constitutionally protected right to hate. They have a right to think or feel however they please. It is beyond government’s authority to control people's thoughts. Actions, not speech, are the proper object of government concern.

Progressive Republicans need to defend our constitutional liberties while, at same time, trying to address grievances that lead to hate. Hate is bad; but it is only within ourselves that we can do anything about the problem.


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