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Issue # 1 - War and Peace

The idea of “American exceptionalism” means that some people think America will continue to prosper no matter how bad its government is. This is a concept advanced by sycophants advising the political class. Progressive Republicans are just as patriotic as conservatives are. We, too, have a positive orientation and love our country.

But let’s not pretend that we Americans can violate the rules of nature and history. If we make bad decisions, our nation, too, can decline. Eisenhower, a true expert, knew the limits of military power. The conservative “chicken hawks” did not; it was someone else’s children who paid the price of their ill-advised military engagements.

The United Nations has a bad reputation among some conservatives, perhaps because world opinion sometimes criticizes us and our ally, Israel, for abusive behavior. However, this institution facilitates cooperation among nations instead of the military approach that the U.S. government has lately favored. Our more positive future depends on building it up to be a more effective instrument for maintaining the peace and tackling the world's problems.

The “One World” theme was prominent in the 1940 presidential campaign of Wendell Willkie, a progressive Republican candidate. President Eisenhower, too, believed in cooperation between nations rather than Superpower behavior. These were mature adults who did not have to prove themselves by belligerent deeds.

Progressive Republicans should support peace rather than war. Our large military empire is draining us financially. We can be friends with the rest of the world if our leaders would let us. That will not happen so long as the United States is conducting wars in other people's countries.


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